My Kinda Crazy


I don't look like this anymore. But it's a super cute pic. I'll replace it with an equally cute pic once I take it. Just... imagine that face with short blonde hair. That's me at the mo.

I love creativity in most forms. I like smushing together ideas and see what happens.

I write. I research. I ponder.

I am attracted to beauty. I like simplicity and complex human emotions. I imagine myself as dynamic eclectic - interests that are fluid with time and adapting to change.

I'm not for everyone - a lesson long learnt.  I no longer see my kinda crazy as an obstacle anymore. I claim it as my own. I am a little crazy and revel in things that some might find strange


Jess is a mermaid and occasional co-writer on My Kinda Crazy. She and I started this blog together though I mainly post now.

Jess's passions are holistic health and spirituality. 

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