Kate Hudson's butt.

Yup. I click on ‘trashy’ mag stories. Mainly because I like the clothes and on the odd occasion I read the ‘article'. I came across a piece on Kate Hudson posting a nude of herself on Instagram today and I’ve got to say I was shocked. Not because she was naked, more power to her, but because of the write up. I am surprised that any publication would encourage this type of language - derogatory and judgemental - for something as non-issue as a nude picture. 

The write up and Kate's pics were published on nine.com.au. I've pasted it below, prepare to cringe. 

Her recent roles in Mother's Day and Kung Fu Panda 3 were never going to win awards, so what's a former Oscar nominee to do when the roles dry up? Go back to acting school? Take an extended break? Do some humanitarian work? 

If you're Kate Hudson, the answer is simple: get naked on Instagram!

Although she's still A-list in our eyes, Kate is going down a very Z-list path with her nudie-loving ways – in fact, she’s within clawing distance of Kim Kardashian’s belfie crown.

Just in case we’d forgotten about that infamous bath shot from a few months back, Kate reminded us just how peachy her derrière is with another candid (translation: totally posed) booty shot.

#prettyhappy the 37-year-old hashtagged the naughty pic. And while there’s no denying she looks great, we reckon if Kate put just half as much effort into acting as she did into Instagram, she’d be in with a shot at winning a gold statuette.

Take a look at Kate’s attempts at breaking the internet…

Author: Nadia Elshawarby Images: Kate Hudson

Ah. I get it. Nine and Nadia just wanted traffic. I get that its all about the clicks but don’t be so shit about it. Here’s my re-write just because we don’t need this kind shit out there.

As an accomplished woman, and former Oscar nominee, Kate Hudson has been having more fun with some of here recent roles like Kung Fu Panda 3 and Mother’s Day. 

Running many side projects, such as co-founding the Fabletics athletic wear line, Kate is a strong advocate for physical health which creates stronger mental health. We can see that she practices what she preaches with her most recent Instagram post: a nudie. 

Kate is a woman who is comfortable within her own skin and, from this pic, is clearly comfortable with a broader audience seeing her naked body.  Seeing someone in Kate’s position - a known face, an accomplished actor and businesswoman - showing off a side of herself that might make some feel vulnerable (such as myself) is nobody’s business but hers. Kate is the author and keeper of her own body, as any person is, and if she chooses to share that with anyone, publicly or privately, that is wholly her choice and prerogative. 

If a woman is able to present her genuine self, regardless of what that looks likes, then she deserves our support and love. You do you Kate. No woman, or person, is any lesser for posting naked pictures of themselves.

Let me know what you think of the original article and my write up. Also watch my vlog!

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