I've been posting videos to YouTube recently! Its been fun to work on but will inevitably reach the same road blocks as most of my creative ideas I'm sure. Simply that I wont keep it up. My list of ambitions continues to grow, which isn't necessarily bad just that it becomes difficult to manage/keep on top of/complete.

My list:
- finish writing film script
- short story
- Animal Activist Forum volunteering
- coding
- work (the daily)
- dancing
- YouTube
- singing (?)
- potential home investment
- potential Masters

Writing it out doesn't make it seem so incredibly impossible. Oh! Also I want to write regular morning pages and read! Adding those!

- morning pages
- reading

And I do this with the consideration of where I want to be in the next year. I also want to have a big travel stint in South America at some stage next year. But that will all depend on how things go here. And! I've signed up for a massive 160km bike ride in December! This year! So I have to train for that!

- cycling training

The list doesn't end for me. There are so many things to do and get done. I struggle with focus and consistency, as you can see my last post was over  month ago. Perhaps I'm slowing moving towards where I want to be. Generally each day feels better than I expected it could. So that should say something.

I'm re-centering on minimalism at the moment. I identify with minimalism mainly because its simple, makes my space easier to clean and eliminates unnecessary anxiety. Anxiety relating to needing/wanting more.

So here's to keeping it simple. Whatever that means to you.

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