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Finally something wonderful happened in season 5 of girls!! Ergh so many gross and predictable scenes preceded it but finally! You had to trudge through and get to episode 9 and 10 to see the spark. Yep, you’ve gotta spend 4 hours trying to understand why the fuck the story is heading this way to really see it come together but boy oh boy does it!

Shosh was the most interesting character in the first 8 episodes. Shosh! The mousey, jacked up, eyebrow dancer who’s previous persona was a suffocating accompaniment to the other more interesting characters. She was the gritty saving grace for 8 episodes! And also quite awesome in eps 9 and 10.

Yes, it was great to see Charlie make a come back. It was cute and nice to see that two people, Marnie and Charlie, who once had a sustaining connection could still see love in each other after all the shit and so much time. Good episode. Not great but good. Heroin is unnecessary. Being a coke-a-cola dealer is more believable. But I dunno, maybe young handsome men do heroine.

Hannah just took up space in the season. She was the old Shosh. She only became interesting again when she bolted from Fran through the mens public toilets into a forrest. Gross that she suckled on Ray. Gross because it was desperate. And I don’t like the message of 'get into cars with strangers who have guns because they might teach you a great lesson about your own prejudices’ scene. That prejudice, which preludes basic safety, is one I will desperately hold onto. Don’t worry though, I Air B’n’B, that’s crazy enough.

Jessa and Adam, boooo… though two beautiful parts of their coming together stand out for me. When Jessa was on the fire escape stairs staring at Adam. I felt love between the two characters when I saw that scene. Obviously so did Hannah. The other lovely scene was when Adam said he’d pay for Jessa's schooling. That was cool. Otherwise I am not interested in that relationship. 

UNTIL as I say, the final two episodes brought it all together. Adam and Jessa’s fight scene scared me. I’m not into that dynamic. I get how it ‘works’ for the characters, especially the post fight sex*, but the yelling and the mean-ness and the throwing stuff hurts my heart. I don’t wanna watch that again. Favourite part of that fight scene? When Jessa wants to talk about Hannah and says that she wants Hannah in her life. That was true and honest. I liked it.

Erm… well… I clearly have to binge re-watch the whole season to see if my thoughts mature but these are instinctual assessments. Everything else was not memorable. The end. 

*I would have liked to see Adams penis to even out the vag show but I suppose Jessa's pretty little lady bits were covered by a handsome bush so its basically Instagram and nipples right there - meaning its not really a vag if you cover it with a little something… I wonder if it was a pussy wig? A hat for cats?...

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