Medium unicorn fun.

Wrote for Medium as part of our 'Not a Unicorn' project. And so it begins.

What I didn’t know I didn’t know about becoming a unicorn

Becoming a unicorn is a false ambition. What’s a unicorn? Part designer, part developer and all round sought after near mythical creature.

Sure it sounds magical but like everything being a unicorn is not what you should be aiming to attain. This is because being good, better yet great, at one thing is as valuable (or more so) than being a unicorn. So rather than try and juggle being ok at two things, focus initially on being great at one. First lesson.

Second lesson, know your history. Looking into the history of design or development provides context for what you’re doing and why it’s been done that way before. This way you won’t repeat the mistakes of those before you and you can quickly work across the system to create something magical.

Thirdly is the need to take care of yourself. If you do care about your work, you will take care of yourself. When trying to be a unicorn or a dev or a designer, you will need to be healthy. It is all too easy to lose a day’s work because you’re tired and forgot to save the code. So, go to bed before midnight. Sleep 8 hours. Eat well. Have a hobby that isn’t developing or design. See your friends. Be patient.

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