The Pig Queen

I was tempted to write on international women's day. I helped facilitate a discussion about women in the workplace and unconscious bias at my work. Unconscious bias does not only apply to women but any minority that is discriminated against. In a sometimes 'rigid with process' environment, the informal discussions brought to light unconscious biases present in every part of society. This was most notable for me:

A father noticed how his daughters favourite cartoon showed the Pig King leaving every day to take care of the pig kingdom and the Pig Queen staying home to take care of the piglets.

Amongst the discussions we tried to determine what is was we could DO. What to do about unconscious bias on the local level. Without much guide it seems as though everyone is left to their own devices. And with something that we assume to be unconscious, how do we awaken consciousness to our life?

Deliberately. With intention and action. So, without direction, WE have to determine how to eliminate bias that is deeply engrained into our society. Look inwardly, sit with your bias. Think whether or not you can justify this way of thinking anymore. Create your own stories to tell your children.

There were once two rulers of all the pigs in all the land. Two of equal love and respect. Their love had grown deeply from admiration, understanding and humour. After long consideration and contemplation they consciously decided to raise piglets together.  Their home squealed with laughter, with bedtime tears and early morning sunrises. To care for their piglets the two Pigs decided to share their time at home raising their piglets and working. When one of the pigs began to work more, the other would remind them that they are equal in all their endevours in work, life and family. The two pig rulers would rebalance and reprioritise their lives. And once again, their home would be filled with squeals of laughter, goodnight kisses and early morning walks. 

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