Start again

I’m going to start again. Now. And each day that will follow, will start anew. 

Just like the Chinese Year of the Monkey, I have decided that this is the Helena Year of Doing! I am doing - I am learning to code, I am reading my un-read books, I am writing my script and short stories. I am going to go further than I have before, fear my by side, along for the ride.  

For the past year I have been trawling through all the Melbourne based meetups for entrepreneurs to soak in the room and the creativity. In all honesty I was looking for a co-founder. Someone with passion who wanted to make things happen! I have passion and a vision for a holistic, balanced society – one that believes equality is the norm, that animals deserve respect and that ideas can become reality. 

I began working towards this vision through this blog with a friend. When her passion faded, I kept searching. I would look for holes in the market – who has a problem and how can I solve it!? My ideas are grand – a community of families who share babysitting schedules to help minimise the need for day care; dog rescues working with breeders to tackle illegitimate puppy rings; a self-reflective app that helps you analyse your own life. Whenever I would find myself sore with sorrow that I had yet to achieve these dreams, I would write.

I would write about a girl who I loved as a sister and how she deeply hated me. I would write about the inventors and their father who would dream big dreams waiting for their mother to come home. I would write about eating cake from the inside out because the icing was too sweet. 

I am determined to do. I am continuing my life long journey to learn by taking up coding classes, refreshing my statistical analysis skills and entering into writing competitions. I am empathetic in my love for animals and people. I love to hike and wake up early in the morning. I love being at peace with nature. My favourite weather is when it’s windy. I am an aunt of four so I know how to be silly and when to be firm. 

I have a broad and diverse background. I started life as an actor and grew to love film making. I studied film but feared I could not make it into a career. I went to university and studied Arts - majoring in history and politics. I fell in love with economics when it showed me a way to understand peoples incentives and prove social behaviours. I graduated with a double degree in Arts and Economics with honours in Economics. But my heart always stayed with writing.

I am awesome and it wont take you long to see that. I care about my work, loved ones and myself. I’m a vegan Melbournian so you know I have a regular stash of Pana chocolate around the house.

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