My macaroon and I

I keep on getting random songs stuck in my head!
It's weird.
I have heard other songs in the past 20 years but for some reason I have a song  from Hans Christian Andersen stuck in my head.
The main lady character was a ballerina. I used to love watching the dances, in beautiful costumes, strange accents, obsessive love affairs and surreal stage scenery.
Its the first time I heard the word 'macaroon' and I thought it was the most romantic word.
Perhaps thats why I never liked macaroons - they had been built up in my mind as these adorable, lovely treats that you name you lover after but when you bite into them they're offensively crunchy like sand and gooey like undercooked eggs!
Which reminds me, you said you wanted to stop at Zumbo's?

- Helena

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