Simply Sweet Banana Coconut Crunch

I'm going to write this post in as long as it took me to make this desert. No time at all!
It's a beauty of a desert, with just four ingredients! This has quickly become a family favourite! I first made this when we went to Apollo Bay and just tonight for my mum.
*disclaimer: please excuse the darkness of the photos, I had some... technical difficulties

All you need is:
  • a banana (per person)
  • almonds (as many as you desire)
  • coconut cream (as much as you like! I use 3-5 tablespoons per person)
  • maple syrup (go with your gut! Or 3 tablespoons per person)

First, the almonds. I toast raw almonds in the fry pan - so quick!
However, you can be as fancy or as straight forward with this as you want! You could keep the almonds raw, activate them or oven roast them. The power is yours!
I take the almonds off the heat to cool before I chop them up. I chop them super rough but you can chop them however you like!

Secondly, fry up the bananas.
I use a little lubricant sometimes- nuttlex or olive oil. Or you could use nothing and keep the bananas fresh and beautiful, up to you! 

Thirdly, add all the elements together in one bowl.
Put the coconut cream at the bottom of the bowl, add the bananas, sprinkle with toasted almonds and top with maple syrup. 

And your done! Eat this up! It's delicious!

Love Helena 

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