5 Things Travelling Has Taught Me

Sometimes the true value of travel only sinks in when I get home. After the anticipation and excitement of travelling ends, I return home and resume life as I know it. But reflecting on those visually and culturally stimulating adventures, I understand what the world has to offer, what has to teach me.

1. The power of nature.

(Bariloche Argentina) 

Nature has the power to lift us up emotionally, spiritually and physically. Whether it's looking out over a lake or standing in awe of a majestic waterfall, our being naturally responds the beauty of nature.

(El Chalten Chile) 

Little things, like walking barefoot in the sand, reduce stress hormones in our brains. It's not even a kooky hippy concept anymore, walking barefoot is also known as 'earthing' and it's scientifically backed to do all sorts of good stuff like reducing inflammation, increasing antioxidants and improving sleep. For more info Mind Body Green has a great article on all the benefits of walking barefoot.

(Camiguin Philippines) 

2. The beauty of simplicity. 

Simple food. Simple days. Reading a good book. Sleeping in. Admiring local fauna.

(Iguazu Brazil) 
Cloud watching.

(Camiguin Philippines

(Uluru Australia) 

3. Who your with is just as important that where you are. 

Even a 12 hour layover can be fun if your with the right person (and good wifi). It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you. Nothing tests the fibres of a relationship like travelling with someone.

And nothing tests the fibres of your strength like travelling on your own. It's exhilarating and at times kinda scary but travelling solo is an experience that strengthens your character (it also gives you way better stories to tell at parties). It's wise to listen to well wishers advice telling you to be careful (you'll get a lot of that especially if you're female) but at the same time don't let fear make decisions for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

(Boracay Philippines)

4. There are no calories in foreign foods. 

Ok, theres a chance that might not be true. But with travelling you are inherently walking around and exploring so calories don't seem to count the same way they do back home.

I think you need to taste a culture in order to understand it, breathe in its flavours and savour it with all your senses.

(Brussels Belgium) 

5. The journey is just as important than the destination. 

Maybe more so.

I know, I know, it might not seem that way, especially when your stuck on a plane for 15 hours.

Next to a baby.

But hear me out.

While trekking Machu Picchu was amazing, it was crossing this rickety old bridge on a four day trek to get there that I remember most. Probably because it seemed likely that this feat of engineering could not sustain a single human body let alone our whole tour group!

So what does that all mean? Sometimes the doing is often as important as the outcome.

(Machu Picchu Peru)

Travel opens you up to all the beauty that is around you. It can challenge you, lead to surprises, force you to be adaptive, even creative. It requires bravely to step outside your comfort zone and get a taste of what it's like to be an outsider.

So be brave and take some risks because nothing opens you up like experiences.

Now, book a ticket and get exploring.

Love Jess

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