Bright and Joyful 'Bread'

This ‘bread’, this rectangular brown thing imitating bread, this rectangular brown thing of brightness and joy reminiscent of bread (for its purpose) is genuinely crazy! 
Around the beginning of my vegan/health days I met up with some girlfriends for a long missed catch up. I explained my transition to vegan and they delved deeply into a conversation about their ‘nutty’ health friend who is constantly brewing up the worlds most amazing dishes, one of which was life-changing. It was ‘The Life Changing Loaf of Bread by My New Roots. My friend proceeded to describe how she herself had made the bread – and FYI, by-the-bye, my friend is a gin-u-wine lazy lady! If it’s not simple, it’s not happening!

‘So all you do is mix the dry, mix the water and you’re done’. Yep. My brain couldn’t comprehend this. I nodded pretending to understand this ‘bread’. ‘It’s so great’ she continued ‘I just made it, it sat there for… god I don’t even remember how long and I cooked it maybeeeee…. 20 min… yyeah bout that. So good! I sliced it up for the freezer, left a little out that got mouldy but that’s my fault!’ Alright – maybe that part was TMI but like I said – lazy lady! 
‘Oh how amazing’ I said. ‘How amazing, how great! Change your life with bread! Great concept!’ 
And what did I do? Nufin. I sat on this recipe for… close to 2 years.
I’d look at it from time to time. It was pretty. And I would buy random ingredients fully intending to make it. Particularly psyllium husks! Whatever the fuck they were! And then I met Jess *queue fireworks, marching band, love-heart-eyed-smiley emoji, yodeller with a goat* and a year or so into our courtship friendship I flicked her ‘The Life Changing Loaf of Bread’ and the bitch made it that night! Well. Premise for blog created! So I made it the following night! I had all of the ingredients there, looking at me like I’m a dumb-dumb – ‘ahhhh doi Helena-bot! Everything you need is right here in front of you! All you gotta do is take it!!’ And guuuuuuuuurl/boooooooooiiii not eating this bread is a travesty! And once you’ve made it, the possibilities are endless! The psyllium husks act as a binder so everything else can be variable as long as it’s a clumpy dough with psyllium husks that mofo will stick together.

Basically all you need is 3/4 of the tin dry mixture, 1/3 of the tin water and an appropriate amount of psyllium husks! If you use a regular rectangular bread tin use bout 3-4 tablespoons of psyllium husks. Let the 'bread' sit! For at least 2 hours then bake for 20min till it looks brown, rectangular and brings you brightness and joy! And now that you’re thoroughly confused with my inability to explain recipes, I’ll show you:

For the proper recipe check out ‘My New Roots’. For the improper recipe, refer to above.

Things to learn from this:
  • Accept the wisdom and advice of your friends experiences, it can save you a lot of time and bring you immeasurable joy
  • Be ready to change and understand when the catalyst comes for you, there is no going back (every other loaf of bread is practically wasting my time…)
  • Simplify and bring your own unique understanding to your life – you know it better than anyone else
Update! I brought my amazing brown rectangle of brightness and joy to work (for avid consumption - as you can see I like to take me bread for walks and pile greens up high!), shared a slice with a work buddy (LIFE. CHANGED. You’re welcome!) and prepared a slice for my post-lunch-post-smoothie-post-banana-pre-dinner-snack at 4.18pm (approx.). And, lo. Some other worker-bee was preparing their post-lunch-post-smoothie-post-banana-pre-dinner-snack at 4.18pm (approx.). I should’ve offered her a slice of my brown rectangle, I know. Her three perfectly round corn cakes were smeared with evenly proportioned triangular soft cheese, waiting to bed the plastic covered smoked salmon beside her. I looked at my brown rectangle – bubbling with imperfections, crunch, smooth avocado and zingy lemon – and couldn’t help but smile. 
My life was changing.

Hey Jess here
(aka the bitch who made the bread first!)

My compulsive need for control leaves me blinking in the headlights of this unstructured 'recipe' of Helena's! I want need to follow more of a prescribed recipe as outlined in My New Roots... but you really can throw close to anything in this 'bread' - as long as you have the psyllium husks, it will work. The other day I had some left over quinoa so I threw that right in there along with everything else. I also tend to add some extra coconut flour or almond meal just to make sure it all binds together.
I'll admit I like need to line the baking tin with baking paper because I'm risk adverse like that (there'll be no sticking to the tin on my watch!).

Calling anything 'life changing' is a pretty big call, but given how much I (we) now make of this 'bread' and eat!! - I stand by it.

Love Jess & Helena

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